Meet Founder and CEO, Alanna McCatty

McCatty Scholars was formed in the fall of 2016 when CEO, Alanna McCatty, witnessed a number of her peers leaving the university because they couldn’t afford the current (or following) year’s tuition. Many of these students went directly into the workforce because they had a preconceived misconception that they could no longer afford higher education. Others worked two to three jobs, just to try to meet the tuition. McCatty, coming from a single parent home and being the first in her family to attend college, avoided this pitfall by earning more than $150,000.00 in merit and outside scholarships to fund her education at a private University. She saw the need for financial resources at the university level and decided to inform and educate struggling students about scholarship opportunities. During her junior year of college, McCatty’s university created a position for her where she would serve as a Financial Literacy Expert. While serving in this capacity for an entire academic year, McCatty met with numerous students one-on-one to discuss scholarship opportunities that suited their personal attributes. Shortly after serving in that capacity, she went on to start McCatty Scholars, where she devised and implemented financial literacy programs for students, created multiple workshops based on various demographics, and continued to lead more seminars. McCatty Scholars was established to combat the nationwide issue of the loss of educational opportunity due to the ramifications of burdensome student debt.