"As a youth mentor, tutor and former sports coach I am very engaged with the youth in the community and their academic success. I have sat through Alanna’s dynamic presentation on three occasions and walk away learning something new every time. She outlines in clear logical language the steps to apply and secure financial assistance to attend college. She is passionate, approachable and committed to helping others attain their academic dreams. I brag about her accomplishments and encourage students who have college aspirations to contact her or attend seminars where she is sharing her walk with others. To capture the essence of someone’s success is truly a blessing…"

- Captain Willie Hardeman, Prince William County Sheriff's Office

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"After attending your workshop, I applied the strategies suggested, and won a $2,500 DECA Scholarship. Your scholarship workshop really helped me understand the scholarship world including resources to find scholarships, the best ones to target, and the best way to start writing essays. Your workshop also helped me understand that applying for scholarships is a process and to not give up when it becomes frustrating."

-Cecilia, Student

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“I only wish that I would have had someone like Alanna when I was applying to colleges. FAFSA, so we believed growing up, was our only option for financial aid for college. But they were so picky that if your parents found a quarter on the sidewalk the summer before, FAFSA deemed that you made too much money and wouldn’t give you any financial aid or not enough. However, Alanna - through a very thorough and informative presentation - knew all the nooks and crannies of where to find grant money, scholarship money, and even internships that paid. She is a God send to those who don’t have all the financial means to pay for college and don’t have the proper guidance to find other financial assistance programs that are out there. She is a true God send.”

Tiana Suber, CEO of Outburst Productions

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"Ms. McCatty lead a scholarship workshop for our Sunday School Union, which consisted of 25 churches covering over three counties. Every time we have a workshop of this sort, students ask:

“When is Alanna coming back?”
“Can you provided me with Alanna’s contact information? I would like further guidance.”
“Can you ask Alanna if she’d be interested in presenting at my school?”

I have heard over 4 of her briefings, and she always shares something that I may have missed from her previous presentations. Alanna is so engaging and I could listen to her all day long. Every time we hear she’s in town, we travel from Baltimore, MD all the way to Woodbridge, VA the night before so that we can attend her workshops. She is so informed and knowledgeable about this process, and I firmly believe that every student needs her insight."

-Randi Manderson, Youth Advisor

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“I have tried since my senior year in high school to figure out the scholarship game and I always got discouraged. I have applied to so many I cannot count and only ever received a letter back from one saying I did not receive the award. But your presentation today encouraged me to keep looking. It is awful knowing I will have debt when I graduate and even if I can alleviate it the slightest amount, it will feel like a success. I appreciate what you do and think it is such an important and untapped market. I wish I could have met you back in high school to keep me motivated.”

- Nikki, Scholastic Intern

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