"Ms. McCatty lead a scholarship workshop for our Sunday School Union, which consisted of 25 churches covering over three counties. Every time we have a workshop of this sort, students ask:

“When is Alanna coming back?”
“Can you provided me with Alanna’s contact information? I would like further guidance.”
“Can you ask Alanna if she’d be interested in presenting at my school?”

I have heard over 4 of her briefings, and she always shares something that I may have missed from her previous presentations. Alanna is so engaging and I could listen to her all day long. Every time we hear she’s in town, we travel from Baltimore, MD all the way to Woodbridge, VA the night before so that we can attend her workshops. She is so informed and knowledgeable about this process, and I firmly believe that every student needs her insight."

-Randi Manderson, Youth Advisor